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Experience tranquility indulge your sense. Relax your mind. Thai Elite Spa Experience a balanced life & beauty.

Reljuvenate your mind, body and soul. Enhance your physical and mental health. Our Services and treatements are designed in such a way that you do not just look beautiful, but Elite were we complement nature.

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Spa Etiquette

We are here for you

Experience the finest in the body treatments, massage and skin care. From the minute you call, throughout the entire treatment process, expect to be pampered and treated as a valued guest as we pampered and indulge you.

Preparing for your treatment
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to you appointment to allow optimal time to diffuse and prepare for your treatment. You will be asked to fill out an evaluation from that will allow your therapist to tailor the treatments prior to your needs.

What to Wear
Upon arrival you will change into a spa robe and slippers that will be provided to you. Undergarments are not necessary but you can wear if you prefer. Disrobe to the level of your comfort. If at any time you are uncomfortable, please inform your therapist.

Spa Etiquette
We would like the spa environment to be relaxing and soothing for everyone. Please respect the rights to privacy and a quiet atmosphere for all guests. We ask to refrain from talking loudly and we ask that you turn off all cell phones. If you are uncertain about any of the guidelines, please feel free to contact the Spa Manager at your convenience. We are here to assist you and make your spa visit the escape your body has been thirsting for.

Please keep in mind that the treatment times are reserved especially for you. Please inform us. Please inform us of any changes or cancellations of the appointments in a timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation.

Your Comfort – Do let us know
The guidance is there to ensure that evety guest receives a pleasurable experience, also feel free to ask questions. Your therapist will be delighted to clarify any issues you may have.

Elite Body Essentails

Revitalizing Body Polish (30 Min)
Enjoy body scrub with earth sea salt which will re-energizes the skin and body with its toning and firming effects. It re- vitalizes the metabolism, improving dead cells to leave the body re-mineralized with supple, silky smooth skin and a radiant glow.

Detoxifying Exfoliation(30 Min)
An essentiall exfoliation with Alga-peel. This peel removes dead cell; hydrate a dry and dehydrated epidermis, improving the texture of the skin for a supple and silky finish. It contais a special “Anti-pigmentation” formula to brighten the skin and visible lighten dark spots.

Customize balneotherapy treatment which combines the benefits of water therapy with mineralizing, stimulating, nourishing and balancing properties of 100% pure essential oils.

Elite Body Wraps

Delightful Relaxation Body Wrap (60 Min)
Indulge with fizzing cocoa wrap which is rich in minerasl, vitamins, and stimulation ingredients. It calms, relaxes and stimulates the senses. It ehances the cellular activity, moisturizes and intensely firms the skin.

Anti-aging Firming Wrap (60 min)
Regenerate and reinforce your skin natural protection and preserves effectively from free radicals responsible for cutaneous aging. The red grtape wrap with anti aging, Invigorating and nutritive virtues makes the skin firmer, softer and smoother while bringing effectiveness and pleasure.

Vitality Wrap (60 min)
This wrap is real beauty care which refines the silhouette and smoothes the irreguylar aspect of the skin thanks to the green tea draining components. It brig vitality and toncity to the body .The skin is balances by minerals, Vitamins , and toxins.

Cellulite Slimming Wrap
Formulated to reduce the signs of cellulite, procure slimming and improve the general texture of the skin. These wrap also contains very high concentrations of Calcium and iron.These are essential minerals for the body and are known to be the two major deficiencies in adult females, especially during the period of dieting, pregnancy and menopause. Fucus has one the highest concentration of Vitamin C.

Circulation Wrap (60 min)
The clay mud is famous for cleansing and strengthen with active elements that stimulate the blood and lymph circulation to decongest and nourish the skin and body. Its rich concentration of minerals and alkaline nature work to dissolve excess acid in the organism, flush persistent toxins and strengthen the vascular walls. Its smooth texture lightweight with an aromatic fragrance.

Mineralizing Body Wrap (60 min)
Recuperate,mineralize and hydrate the body with this perfect body wrap to prepare the body for change of season or revive it after a period of intense stress, illness or fatigue.

The Royal Rejuvenating 24K Gold Facial

The Legned Of Royal Rejuvenating……….

“This deep hydration treatment has been specially developed to bring freshness, vitality and glow to mature all skin type. A nourishing cooling gold mask and pure radiance 24k Gold leaves mask are used to stimulate the skin, preventing premature aging, reducing signs of tiredness and help to extract impurities while rebalancing and correcting sebum production. Together with the benefits of natural Thai herbal ingredients, this treatment is also suitable for ace helaing due to their effective anti bacteria and anti skin inflammation properties. This will tone and lighten the skin, leaving the face with a refreshing and comfortable sensation.”

Elite Facials

Deep Cleansing Facial (60 Min.)
Re-mineralizing is always the First “essential” step towards healthy skin. This Algologie treatment well deep cleanse, rejuvenate and re-mineralize poorly maintained skin that has been over exposed to environment aggressions marine plant.

Vine Secret Anti-Aging Facial (90 min.)
A timeless lifting, firming and anti-free radical treatment. In this treatment the perfection masks, lift action serum of prevention serum delivers the most outstanding and the effective anti  againg whilst the ploy phenols from the red grape mask combat free radicals giving your skin glowing and leave for complexion.

Rediscover Radiance (Whitening Treatment) (60 min).
Algologie Intensive whitening treatment provides a soft, radiant a uniform complexion. It alleviates pigmentation marks. This treatment combines the benefit of pure plant extracts and seaweed with hydrating, stimulating and firming properties.

Elite Gentlemen’s Facial (45 Min.)
This facial is essential to refresh and maintain the skin for some time conscious man; Cleansing toning and exfoliating with Algologie skin care products is completed with a relaxing facial massage to rejuvenate the skin.

Hydra-mer Moisturizing Facial (60 Min.)
Offering a virtual moistrure for dehydrated skin lacking radiance by using a blend of marine exctracts, vital minerals and vitamins extracted from sea weed in our unique mask and serums from Algolgie facial visibly improves the texture of the skin leaving it soft supple and luminous while reducing the sings of premature aging.

Elite Express (30 Min.)
An express kind of facial massage which can be incorporated within Spa treatment to save time.

Royal acne Treatment (115 Min.)
The royal Acne mask deeply cleans the skin eliminating its impurities ,combines with essential oils. It strengthens the skin and helps fight excess serum. Its highly purifyin properties ensure a clean and supple skin.

Meso Glow (60 Min.)
Meso therapy facial using SRS products and micro meso roller to guarantee the penetration of the product. The treatment is ant-aging, brightening and tepairing.

Elite Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Massage (60/90 Min)
Originated from India and brought over Thailand about 2500 years ago. This dry massage works on the body’s merdian lines to stretch every limb, enhancing  flexibility and relieving aching muscles while you remain fully clothed. This treatment aims to relieve tension induced pain and boost your energy levels.

Aroma Thai Massage (60/90 Min)
This unique free flowing connective tissue massage with body rocking and diagonal stretching combines aromatherapy stretching technique to diminish tension and stimulate metabolism. Tissues are spread lengthened and supported to improve posture and internal body system. Thai stretching techniques affect the inter body increasing mobility, relieving pain, choose from circulation, toning, purifying relaxing essential oil.

Ancient Thai Herbal Massage (60/90 Min)
A therapeutic  twist on the Ancient Thai massage performed with heated herbals packs tightly wrapped in Muslin cloth and infused in hot water or steam, this unique therapy aids that release of toxins and easing muscular pain. The ingredient of the herbal packs , applied to the body with steady pressure containing antibacterial , antifiungal properties and the aroma is also a relaxant.

Elite Signature Massage (60/90 Min)
With your well being in mind, our indigenous signature massage is tailored to your individual preference. Numerous massage techniques. Numerous massage techniques ease deeply into crystallized stress areas, while blended oils from Alogologie extend their healing qualities into the blood stream, offering comprehensive, exclusive therapy.

Hot Stone Massage (60/90 Min)
This re-energizing store therapy massage creates a cleansing; harmonizing and smoothening effect on the body. Utilizing lava stones creates an experience of wholeness and inner serenity.

Elite Relaxing Foot Massage (60/90 Min)
Foot massage is a far more complex practice because the force applied by the fingers must be very carefully and precisely directed to a specific nerve on the foot. As each part of the foot is reputedly linked to another part of the body. It richness not only to the muscles but on the vital organ as well. Foot massage can be both soothing and invigorating.

Elite Four Hands Massage (60/90 Min)
This relaxing massage is performed by two therapist working at the same place for maximum relaxation using essential oils from Algologie and combination of six massage technique namely, Thai, Hawaiian, Swedish, Balinese, Aroma Therapy and deep tissue technique massage

Elite Spa Beauty Treatments

Spa Manicure 

60 Min

Spa Pedicure

60 Min

Polish Change

15 Min

Eyelash Tint

20 Min

Eye brow Tint

20 Min

Eye brow lash Ting

30 Min

Full legs wax 40 Min
Half legs was

30 Min

Full Arms wax

20 Min

Half Arm Wax 15 Min

20 Min