Ultrasound Inverted Osmosis

Cavitation (Ultra Lypolysis; Ultralipo)
Mightily crack the cellulite, remove the fatness A non-anesthetic & woundless liposuction technique that uses sound waves to deplete stubborn fat cells under the skin. It mightily impacts the fatty cells, strengthens cells function, advances the blood and lymph circulation, activates metabolism, removes and softens the cellulite.

O.U.I. Ultrasound Inverted Osmosis
The most advanced system for the treatment of localized adipose pannicula This is an electro-medical device that combines bio-physics effect of cavitation & OUI that provides a non-invasive technology for the treatment of localized adipose. It decreases fats & cellulite which normally resistant to diets & sports, & it works with ultrasonic waves that cause ruptures to the cell membranes of fat cells – as a result, localized adipose tissues are broken & centimeters are lost.

Machine Description:
After years of applied research, AMI Group has developed a device which represent the evolution of the " CAVITATION " concept and introduces O.U.I ( Osmosi Ultrasonica Inversa, i.e INVERSE ULTRASOUND OSMOSIS ), a synthesis of AMI Group's engineering and university laboratories' research for the treatment of localized adiposity. O.U.I is the result of an important research between private industry and university laboratories in the field of non-invasive technologies for the treatment of body flaws: the most effective and technologically advance solution, available today in aesthetic medicine and professional aesthetics. The research evolution in the ultrasound use on human body has allowed to go over the "cavitation" concept, adding to this phenomenon the contribution of O.U.I. ULTRASOUND INVERTED OSMOSIS, an innovative system with ultrasound waves which permits a progressive increase of cytoplasmic membrane permeability, determining the osmotic output of triglyceride content, with consequent adipocyte loss.

Machine Feature:


What is Osmolipo and how does it work?
Osmolipo is a revolutionary technology that exploits a band of ultrasound waves checked by microprocessor to effectively reduce localized adiposity. What can Osmolipo treat?
Osmolipo is used to reduce abnormal accumulation of adipose tissue and, in general, all those localized areas where fat resists lipolytic activities such as diet and physical activity. Is Osmolipo safe?
Osmolipo treatment has proven to be absolutely safe and not harmful to the human body if the treatment protocols are followed. Who is not suitable for the treatment?
It is not advisable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with pace-makers, electrical devices or metal implants in the area to be treated to undergo radio frequency treatments. Patients who undergo this procedure should have good overall health. If in any doubt, consult a knowledgeable physician. Is it painful?
Absolutely not. Osmolipo is not an invasive treatment . During the treatment, a slight prickle is the only sensation experienced as the handprobe grazes the skin. How much does it cost?
When compared to invasive procedures, Osmolipo is a more affordable treatment option.

Machine Application:

The device performs the functions of obtaining a reduction of peripheral localized adiposity. The term “localized adiposity” (L.A.) indicates areas of the body where adipose tissue is present in major quantity due to a limited lipo-lytic activity by sexual hormones (primary localized adiposity). L.A. areas in the lower body area are hips, glutei, abdomen, external and internal side of the thigh and internal side of the knee. In the upper area, they include the arm in its posterior side in correspondence with the muscle, brachial triceps where L.A. is often associated with muscle hypotone. In all these sites fat tends to consolidate, while lipo-synthesis action occurs in a regular way, the lipolytic enzymes delegated to make the fat soluble are inhibited by the local oestrogenic activity.